• Video for Wondering by Eight Two produced by artist Kelsey Herrity on YouTube 11/2011.
  • "You're Too Wonderful" digital release 08/02/2010 - iTunes, Bandcamp etc.
  • Eight Two "You're Too Wonderful" 6 track EP In final stages of Mastering at The Lodge
  • Flowers for Algernon single "Tempo of Our Tears" - recording/editing/mixing in NYC
  • Eight Two self titled Album target Q1 2012 - editing at Apartment Four The Future
  • Tenderghost conceptual art rock LP "The Sounds of Silence"
  • Gooseneck vinyl EP "Frogmentation"
  • Another Retro Summer digital two song single "Dance Off"
  • Eight Two cover of "Venus" by Frankie Avalon
  • Electric Diving School records Brooklyn Artists compilation
  • Belting flash drive release of "Cold Noise"
  • Pink Armor double CD instrumental "Parlor"
  • Eight Two pre production of video for "Don't Feel Sorry For Lovers"

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